Warrington Cares Presents $1000 Donation to Silken Twine

At the June 23, 2020, meeting of the Warrington Township Board of Supervisors, Silken Twine President Ravi Malaviya accepted a $1000 donation from Warrington Cares. Warrington Cares is the employee charity of the Township, raising money for local charities, families, and high school students in need.

At the meeting, six local charities were honored with a donation for their work supporting local causes. Other charities in attendance included Between Friends Outreach, Bikers against Child Abuse, Cradle of Hope, Lions Club of Warrington, and the Baby Bureau. Silken Twine’s donation was presented by Ivy Ross, a grant writer and administrator for the Township.

“We would like to thank Warrington Cares for their generous support,” says Mr. Malaviya. “As a charity, we are proud to support the Warrington community and are eager to put this donation to use to help more local families.”

Sophie at C.B. South Graduation, 2014

Silken Twine was founded in honor of Sophie Malaviya, a student of Central Bucks High School South in Warrington. Sophie was a model of perseverance, compassion, and hope for her classmates, leaving an indelible mark on the C.B. South community. In 2019, several of Sophie’s C.B. South classmates worked together with her family to form Silken Twine in her name.

Warrington Cares was founded in 2014 as a 501(C)3 tax exempt charity and is “represented by municipal employees from all departments including police, fire, public works, parks and recreation, and township office staff,” according to the foundation’s website.  “Above all the employees created this charity because they believe in the power of giving.”