Congratulations Natalie, Audrey, and Samantha on receiving the 2023 Sophie Malaviya Memorial Scholarship. Best of luck with your studies!

My name is Natalie Burraston, and I am a childhood cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with leukemia the day before my second birthday, and began treatment the day I turned two. I went through over 2 years of treatment, but have been in remission and healthy for 14 years. In the fall, I will be attending the University of Oklahoma and studying Microbiology with a pre-med track. After I complete my undergraduate, I plan on attending medical school and studying to be a pediatric oncologist. Being a survivor myself, I will also be able to give hope to patients and families going through their own trials. I just want to say thank you to Silken Twine Charity for this amazing scholarship that will help me to have the resources to pursue all the education I need so I can one day help children like me.

Natalie Burraston

“Hello, I am Audrey Labbe, a pediatric brain tumor survivor. I will attend the University of Texas in Austin next year as a mechanical engineer. I love robotics, creating things, national parks, the environment, and social justice. I am most thankful to my family and friends for being such a strong support group over the years and always being by my side.”

Audrey Labbe

“My name is Samantha Vert. I was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four
following episodes of excruciating pain in my legs. To build my strength after
chemotherapy, I began performing gymnastics. I learned from my experience as a
gymnast to not compare my abilities to others. It’s important to see your own
progress. Later I was able to give back to the cancer-fighting community by
painting pictures. Through my school’s art club, I was able to donate the paintings
to Children’s National Hospital where I had received my cancer treatment.
This fall I will be a freshman at University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in
animal science. After college, I intend to attend veterinary school. With eight
years of college and graduate school ahead of me, the Sophie Malaviya
Scholarship will help ease my worries about funding my education.”

Samantha Vert