Congratulations Maya, Emily, and Kareena on receiving the 2021 Sophie Malaviya Memorial Scholarship. Best of luck with your studies!

“This Fall I will be starting at Northeastern University and studying
towards a bachelor’s degree in nursing. I have been inspired and
driven by my fight with osteosarcoma in 2012, to become a pediatric
oncology nurse and help other pediatric cancer patients. I’ve gone to
D.C to advocate for the Creating Hope Reauthorization Act which will
support the development of new treatments for cancer fighters.”

Maya Oberstein

“My name is Emily Sarkar and I’m from a small town called Jensen Beach Florida. I’m currently studying at Columbia University where I am a pre med student majoring in biology and working as a lab assistant. Among the largest reasons I have for pursuing medical school is my personal experience battling cancer early on in my childhood, a truly formative and life changing experience. I ultimately hope to become a pediatric oncologist, contribute to ongoing cancer research, and give back to the medical community that I undoubtedly owe my life to. Thank you for supporting scholarships like these because they truly make the biggest difference in students like me being able to pursue their education.”

Emily Sarkar

“Hi! My name is Kareena Ratnesh, and I am currently a freshman at Temple University. I am majoring in Business Management and double minoring in Healthcare Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. After I graduate with my undergrad degree, I hope to receive an MBA in Nonprofit Management because I desire to work in the nonprofit sector of cancer research. I have been inspired to continue volunteering and fundraising for cancer research after witnessing myself and many other children go through cancer treatment. The Sophie Malaviya Scholarship is currently helping me to reach my goals by eliminating some of the financial hardship I might receive in the future due to paying back loans. I am incredibly grateful to have received this scholarship, it means the world.”

Kareena Ratnesh